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Aikido of Albuquerque, 5600 McLeod Rd NE, Suite P Albuquerque, NM 87109 Map


Mon-Sun 6:15am - 7:45pm

Aikido for Children:


15$ visitors Mat Fee
Adult 13+ 105$ month / Unlimitad classes
5-12 yrs. 65$ month 3x / weeks
All prices:


Aikido of Albuquerque is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Aikido instruction and training in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our school is dedicated to traditional Aikido, a Japanese Budo (martial way). Women, men, young and old can learn to perform powerful techniques, provide committed attacks, respond to and receive such attacks and fall safely. Students train regularly in empty handed techniques, defense against armed attacks, multiple person attacks and weapons (bokken, jyo and tanto) training .

Aikido of Albuquerque is a member of Birankai North America, an international Aikido organization founded by T.K. Chiba Shihan. We are also affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation and the Aikido World Headquarters at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.


At Aikido of Albuquerque we are committed to cultivating the integration of mind, body and spirit within the entire self. This is achieved through the traditional teachings and practices of Aikido, Zen and Iaido. We will promote an understanding of these arts as ways of personal evolution and as paths to discover the “true self.” Aikido of Albuquerque’s efforts are concentrated on educating the public and community at-large about these Japanese arts and as such, operates as an Educational Institution, where people from all backgrounds can come together to train and study. The teachings and practices we provide are for everyone from 5 years old and up. Aikido of Albuquerque is currently seeking partnerships with schools and community organizations to further our mission.


Chief Instructors

Philip Vargas, Black Belt, 5th Degree, Shidoin

Bernadette Vargas, Black Belt, 4th Degree, Shidoin


Cesar Goulart, Black Belt, 3rd Degree

Michelle Rudeau, Black Belt, 2nd Degree, Kids Class Teacher


(505) 554-6236

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