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Mixed martial arts, Bjj, Fitness Kickboxing, kids Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai

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American Top Team Atlanta, 2110 Faulkner Rd NE, Atlanta 30324 Map


10.00 - 10.00 Monday - Thursday
10.00 - 8.00 Friday
10.00 - 2.00 Saturday
Full Schedule:


First training Free:
Month start 120$


American Top Team Atlanta offers classes that will accommodate everyone from a new white belt to the most advanced black belt. The BJJ class consists of a 20-30 minute warm up, approximately 30 minutes of technique drilling and 20-30 minutes of live grappling and sparring. All students are welcome, so please bring your belt and gi to class. If you do not have a gi, we have a selection from which you can purchase.

Our Fitness Kickboxing program is great way to get in shape while learning techniques that could actually save your life in a self defense situation. Our fast paced, high energy classes borrow techniques from Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and combine them in to one high velocity workout. Punch, kick, elbow and knee you way to a better body while walking the street with new found confidence. Burn up to 600 calories an hour taking our class. The classes consist of approximately 1 hour of dynamic striking techniques in American Top Team Atlanta’s state of the art facility. Men and women of all ages can take part in our classes so head down to ATTA and get in shape today!


Our classes are taught by UFC veteran Roan “Jucão” Carneiro. Classes include grappling, striking, wrestling, throws, takedowns, conditioning and clinch work. Whether you’re a pro fighter looking to compete or someone who would just like to burn some calories our MMA class is sure to please.


Roan “Jucão” Carneiro
Owner/Jiu Jitsu Coach

Jake Jo
No Gi Jiu Jitsu/Kickboxing Coach

Teddy White
Kid's Jiu Jitsu Coach

Devorious Tubbs
Muay Thai Coach

Marshall Merotte
Beginner's Jiu Jitsu Coach

Harris Woods
Muay Thai/Kickboxing Coach

Chike Lindsay
Muay Thai Coach

Brantley Furr
Kickboxing Coach

Mike Galitello
Kickboxing Coach

Daniel Wilkins
Beginner's Jiu Jitsu Coach



+1 404-565-1972

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