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DCF CrossFit, 1525 Half Street SW Washington, DC 20024 Map


Mon- Fri: From 6:00 to 20:30
Sat -Sun: From 11:00 to 14:00

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15$ class
139$ / month - contract 12 month
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Doing all the right things ... For all the right people ... For all the right reasons...

It’s not some motto that a marketing guru told us to use. It summarizes everything we do at District CrossFit:

At District CrossFit, we believe in the CrossFit training methodology not because it’s the latest fad, but because it’s the most efficient and effective training protocol we’ve discovered. Through “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity” we uncover new capabilities for any and every individual.

We know what fitness can do for people. We’ve seen athletes go from bench-warmers to stars, grandparents go from the threat of “assisted living” to the freedom of independent living, and ordinary “soccer moms” transform into the athletes they always wanted to be. There are no egos at District CrossFit. We’re not trying to impress anyone (just look at our building). We just think everyone deserves to experience the liberating feeling of genuine fitness.



Andrew Killion - Head Coach & Owner
I started CrossFit as a means to supplement my amateur boxing career. One short year later my life became a supplement to my CrossFit. I quit my job; took out a loan and opened District CrossFit in 2010. I’ve worked hard at everything I’ve done in my life (from elite college rowing to the New York State Golden Gloves championship) but I’ve never worked harder than I have with CrossFit as a lifestyle and a sport. Consequently, I’ve never been more fulfilled in my life.

Cody Burgener - Head Coach
Im the third child of four siblings born into a outstanding family of weightlifters. I’ve been competing in the Olympic lifts since the age of five, and have been coaching the lifts since the age of 15. I was introduced to Crossfit in 2007 though my dad Coach B. In addition to coaching a variety of individuals, I also travel the world teaching athletes and coaches how to perform the Olympic lifts through Crossfit Weightlifting. I earned my bachelors in Exercise Science at the University of Sioux Falls, where i was a four year starter for the USF baseball program. I attribute my athletic success to years of Crossfit training and the Olympic lifts.



(202) 507-8255

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