Houston Muay Thai

Muay Thai, Cardio Kickboxing

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Houston Muay Thai, 1612 Austin St, Ste 2, Houston 77002 Map


Everyday 8am - 10pm


First time 20$
Month 150$


We are committed to giving you the best Martial Arts & Fitness experience in a clean, safe atmosphere. The goal of Houston Muay Thai is to help every student achieve a high degree of personal and physical development and reach their fitness, self-defense, and personal goals.

Everyone here is positive, supportive, and friendly. You'll fit right in and have a blast from the start.


Houston Muay Thai: Powerful Techniques, Awesome Fitness. Like for special offers!


Houston striking coaches Kru Bob Perez and Michael 'Chase' Corley are the driving forces of Houston Muay Thai, one of the best striking academies in Houston, and quickly becoming one for the best in the nation.

Kru Bob Perez

Kru Bob Perez has been a student of Muay Thai/MMA since 1998. A professional fight coach for the past 8 years, Bob has produced over 40 champions, and has cornered over 300 fights. Kru Bob is quickly becoming one of the most sought after striking coaches in the USA.


+1 832-326-6453

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