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Khongsittha Muay Thai gym, 23 Sukhonthasawat Rd. Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230 Thailand Map


OPEN DAILY: 9:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 21:00

A typical class session will last 90 minutes; separated into 60 minutes of Muay Thai and 30 minutes of conditioning exercises. The Khongsittha program consists of: warm up jog, skip ropes, shadow boxing, circuit: pad work & bag work, technique emphasis, bodyweight exercises, and cool down.


DAILY included accommodation 1 nights stay, 1 days training (twice a day)
1,600 Baht

WEEKLY included accommodation 7 nights stay, 6 days training (twice a day) 10,000 Baht

MONTHLY included accommodation 29 nights stay, 24 days training (twice a day) 28,000 Baht

All prices:


Matthew Deane is well-known as a singer, actor and TV show host, and within the last seven years, has been known to be deeply associated with Muay Thai. He has connections to every level of the sport; whether it be fighters, trainers, promoters, event producers, and many different Muay Thai camps both in and outside of Thailand.

Chayanon started training Muay Thai in 2008. The reason for the start of training was that Chayanon’s father demanded him to learn some self-defence before flying off to college in Boston, MA. Not knowing where to start, Chayanon headed to train at Fairtex, Pattaya. Impressed by the beauty of the martial art, Chayanon wanted to learn more and started to train at various other gyms across the Kingdom of Thailand.


Khongsittha's mission is to promote Muay Thai as a healthy lifestyle to achieve physical and mental fitness. We welcome all experience levels.


Sueadam is Khongsittha's sponsored fighter. When not training for a fight, he teaches regularly.

Kru Junko is an expert of Muay Boran. His teaching style focuses on movements and striking accuracy.

Kru Preaw - With experience from over five different countries, Kru Preaw's pad holding is second to none.

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Один из самых первых лагерей в истории Таиланда, расположен прямо на кладбище в центре Бангкока. В этом клубе тренировались известные мировые бойцы от Брока Леснора до Джабара Аскерова.


Дополнительная информация:

К Лагерю примыкает отель с комфортными номера и низкой ценой при размещение включая тренировки.

Время работы:

Пн-Вс:     С 9:00 до 12:00 С 15:00 до 21:00



Стоимость тренировок:

Разовая тренировка 450thb.

Месяц Безлимит 5000thb.

Тренировки с проживанием 1 неделя от 10,000thb.

Подробная информация для граждан России и СНГ доступна по почте:

Все цены на тренировки:

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