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  • Adult 400 THB.
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Luktupfah Muay Thai camp, 13.726656, 100.684080 Map

For Taxi driver: No.15 onnut 65 Soi 8 Pravet, Bangkok


Everyday: first training 7:30 second training 16:30 evening training 19:00


adult 400р. 1 day living included eating and 2 times trainings - 1000 thb. Week - 6000 thb. Month - 25000 thb. Personal training 500 thb.


Luktupfah Muay Thai Academy, Bangkok, Opening Ceremony
Luktupfah was originally established in 1977 by air force officer (Group Captian Surasak Mondaeng), who was Vice president of the professional boxing association of Thailand and also Vice president of the world professional muay thai federation.

The gym produced many champions such as, Kongnapha Luktupfah, Jowvaha Luktupfah, Fahpikart Luktupfah (Rajdamnern 130lb Champion).
Since then, the gym has been taken over by many hands and now the legacy is being carried on by Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan, President of WMO, President World Muay-boran federation and Chairman of Kru-Muaythai association.

Owner president association Thai boxing in Thailand.
The organization give a license for all coaches in Thailand.

Luktupfah's well equipped gym contains two boxing rings, an MMA cage, and a large open matted area with many different size bags and equipment to be used for training. There's also a vast, flat outdoor area for exercise and weapon training.

Enjoy onsite accommodation just footsteps away from the gym. Our comfortable rooms are fully equipped with all modern conveniences including Air Conditioning, ensuite bathroom TV, refrigerator, and FREE Wi-Fi.

Camp have 12personal rooms, eating included in accommodation price.

Special line to training Muay Boran style


Good camp in Bangkok near to center.


T: 081-3024622


LUKTUPFAH MUAY THAI CAMP13.726656, 100.684080 На карте

Для водителя Такси: No.15 onnut 65 Soi 8 Pravet, Bangkok


Ежедневно Первая тренировка с 7:30 утра вторая в 16:30 третяя в 19:00 

Сколько стоит

Разовое посещение 400 thb.  1 день включая еду, проживание и две тренировки 1000thb. Неделя 6,000thb. Месяц 25,000 thb. Персональная тренировка 500 thb.


Этот кемп основан одним из президентов союза Муай Тай в Тайланде выдающих лицензии на обучающую деятельность тренерам в Тайланде

Комплекс оснащен номерами для проживания в количестве 12 шт, все проживания включают двухдневные тренировки и питание.

В Кемпе преподают Муай Боран древний стиль Тайского бокса. 

Достижения, награды

Хороший кемп не далеко от центра Бангкока.

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