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Mixed martial arts

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Minnesota Kali Group, 4532 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407, США Map


Monday 6:00–21:00
Tuesday 6:00–21:00
Wednesday 6:00–21:00
Thursday 6:00–21:00
Friday 9:00–20:30
Saturday 8:00–14:00
Sunday 8:00–14:00


A great way to get in shape: Our martial arts classes have always provided a “total body workout”. Our classes are “go at your own pace” so you can build into the program. Positive changes will start right away: weight will come off, range of motion will increase and you will feel a greater sense of ease when you move. You will look and feel more powerful.

A fun and relaxed atmosphere: We believe that if people are having fun they learn much faster and will stick with it longer.

Stress Relief: The stress relieving benefits of exercise have been widely accepted. It is like a mini-vacation two to three times a week… troubles and worries seem a million miles away.


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+1 612-821-6800

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