Muay Thai Sangha Camp

Muay Thai, Muay Thai, Muay Chaiya, Krabi-Krabong, Silat Minangkabau Ground Fighting and Internal Arts.

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Muay Thai Sangha Camp, 89 Moo 5 San Mahaphon Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai Map

The school is located in the heart of northern Thailand, only 40 minutes north of Chiang Mai in the village of Mae Taeng, a small town surrounded by mountains next to the Srilanna national park. We have chosen Mae Taeng as a location because of clean mountain air, fresh temperatures, local hill tribe street markets in which fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year round, cheap cost of living and low noise levels after dark. Also Mae Taeng offers a great variety of outdoor activities. The Mae Taman valley is just a few kilometers away where many of the elephant sanctuaries are located. As well there is a lake and many different caves and waterfalls that can be visited. White water/bamboo rafting or zip line activities are also one of the main attractions in the area.


The Muay Thai Sangha Arts is offering world wide two different programs.

- The Fighting Arts.

- Internal Arts.


Muay Chaiya/Swords Beginner 1) are 15,000 THB/course.
Each course fee includes: Training (5 and half days).

- Private Accommodation in an excellent nearby guesthouse (7 Nights).
Two uniforms for training.

- Diploma of Participation Upon Completing any of the Courses.
Meals are excluded.

All prices:


As well, around the near mountains of Mae Taeng there are hundreds of different hill tribe villages from Burma, South China and Laos. Local agencies offer different jungle trekking tours to visit them and learn about their culture. The weather in Mae Taeng is mild all year round. Thailand has 3 main seasons, the rainy season (the temperature is about 29 Degrees Celsius) in the north of Thailand starts in June and last until October. In October the cold season begins (days 25 Degrees Celsius, nights 10-20 Degrees Celsius) until the end of February. In March the hot season (35-42 Degrees Celsius) starts until the beginning of June.

Accommodation is provided through the nearby Baan Sandee Guesthouse, situated just 400 meters from the School and 200 meters from the famous Mae Malae market in a very quiet area to ensure a good rest between training periods.
The rooms are exceptionally clean and include double beds, private bathrooms (with hot water), a large television, air-conditioning, a sink to wash dishes, a refrigerator, free WI-FI. Rooms are cleaned a few times per week. Also they will provide one bicycle (free of charge) per room. Also if you wish, you can rent a motorbike (about 300 THB per day or about 3000 THB per month) or a car (about 1000 THB per day).


Pedro Solana - The coach more 30 years experience of Muay Thai traditions and styles of Martial arts.

In 1998, after becoming the United States Muay Thai Middle Weight Professional Champion, he decided to travel to Thailand for a full year to expand his Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong skills. In 2000 he opened the Thailand Arts Institute in Atlanta, GA. to support his fighting career. In 2002 he permanently moved to Thailand to continue learning.

After becoming a monk he went to train Muay Thai Chaiya under Kru Lek and came back to Krabi Krabong (Thai Weapons) training under Ajarn Sila Mesaman from the Wat Buddhai Sawan School. In 2003, Pedro Solana opened his first school in Thailand. In 2010 he expanded into various other forms of South East Asian martial arts including Silat Minangkabau Ground Fighting, Bokator and Kalaripayattu. From his exposure to different martial arts a unique and effective system of self defense known as "Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts" was created.

Later on, through experience, deep reflection, and self discovery, Pedro Solana realized in meditation that certain aspects in the FIghting Arts where missing. In 2013 he decide to blend these internal concepts together and develop a new form of self defense called "Kshatria Sangham Internal Arts" that included all the concepts from his past experiences of fighting.


Pedro Solana

Chief Instructor and Founder of
Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts and Sangham Internal Arts



+66 (086) 11 77 021


Кемп расположен в живописном месте в отдаление от города Чианг Май, невероятно красивая природа, Зелень, горы которые окружают лагерь со всех сторон, позволяет человеку погрузиться в невероятную атмосферу Древних единоборств в сочетание с дикой природой Таиланда.

В кемпе Тренирует Педро Солана родом из Испании, который посветил последние 30 лет своей жизни изучению традиционных и древних видов единоборств в Таиланде. 

Лагерь имеет вторую базу высоко в горах в диких джунглях , где так же возможно проводить тренировки.


Тренировки проходят курсами, по 2,3 и 4 недели и включают в себя два типа подготовки, Духовный и физический. 


15,000 бат проживание с тренировками в лагере на неделю. 

Возможно приобрести пакет со скидкой , подробности по почте


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