Mushin MMA Traditional Self-Defense

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Mushin MMA Traditional Self-Defense, Astral Ave, Las Vegas 89149 Map






We offer Martial Arts Training in any major style, any time, and any day. Train on your schedule in private classes or in groups - everything is up to you, the student. This is student guided learning. If you are not sure which style to pursue - no problem - you can try them all! Frequency of training is unlimited and class length can be very long or very short, soft or hard, weapons or open hand, self-defense or sport. Every single student is our best friend, a whole new universe to explore! Respect and generosity are everywhere and egos are left at the door. We are here to help you find and travel your own Martial Arts Way! We have Wrestlers, Fighters, Self-Defense Practitioners, Artists, Tricking Specialists, Jiu-Jitsu Specialists, Healing Arts Specialists, and many more! We have wall to wall mats and plenty of equipment. Take the leap and start your own exciting journey today!


A group of close friends whose shared goal is to polish compassion to lethal sharpness.


+1 702-985-8343

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