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NOVA Self Defense, Madison Ln Falls Church, VA 22041 Map

We provide self-defense training and education in DC and Northern Virginia.




We take a holistic approach to teaching awareness and self defense, providing our clients with a physical self-defense arsenal, education through awareness, verbal de-escalation skills and fear management, to enable our students to effectively defend themselves.

Our self-defense training is influenced by multiple combative systems.

We are available to travel to you for on-site training anywhere and also host various self-defense training events in the greater DC Northern Virginia area.

*We are a mobile self-defense training company do not have a dedicated facility. Our listed address is one of the locations we run training out of.


If you are interested in learning realistic self-defense, increasing your confidence, and becoming safer, NOVA Self Defense is your answer. Whether you are looking for self defense training as an individual, a group self defense class for employees, or specialized training, NOVA Self Defense will provide high quality training to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Evan Dzierzynski- Owner and Lead Coach
Evan has been training in a variety of martial arts and self-defense programs for over 11 years. His formal training began in Cuong Nhu, an eclectic martial art that provides blends hard and soft martial arts styles and provides a broad perspective of movements and self-defense application. In 2006 he started training in the S.P.E.A.R. System and Personal Defense Readiness (PDR, the civilian branch of SPEAR).

Scott Vignon- Coach
Scott's training began Shotokan Karate, learning the principles of how to use the body to generate power and destroy your opponent. More recently he achieved the rank of black belt in Cuong Nhu, a style that combines elements of hard and soft martial art where for over 6 years he has helped instruct a class of children and adults. Scott began training in SPEAR/PDR for over 7 years ago and has served as an assistant instructor for the past 6 years.The diversity of his training has taught Scott to always keep an open mind and find the right training and technique for a given situation. More importantly, he believes that anyone can defend themselves with the proper knowledge.

Malcolm Rivers- Coach
Malcolm developed the principles and practices of self-defense early in life from the dangerous inner-city urban environment. He began training in Goju Ryu Karate, Greco-Roman wrestling and boxing. During college he discovered Krav Maga, studying for two years at the MacDonald Academy of Martial Arts. When he arrived in the District he trained in Krav Maga at KMDC and Luminous Warrior for 4 years, while cross training in Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu and working in bar and nightclub security as a bouncer. Malcolm began training and teaching with Evan at NOVA Self Defense in 2014 to benefit students and to further develop his skills.



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