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Professional Karate Institute MMA - JU KI DO, 5871 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, США Map


Monday 6:30-20:00
Tuesday 6:30-20:00
Wednesday 6:30-20:00
Thursday 6:30-20:00
Friday 6:30-20:00
Saturday 6:30-20:00
Sunday Closed


A primary benefit and objective of martial arts training is fitness. Cage Fit is a whole body fitness program for students of all ages and ranks. The program is flexible enough to give each person the workout that they desire. The design of each class is to run in 3 "rounds". Each round has various stations where students experience an intense focus on a certain muscle group for a period of time until they peak, and then switch to a new station. The completion of a round results in the workout of the entire body. The first round is typically designed for cardiovascular training. Round two is strength and endurance. And finally round three is skill and technique application.


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+1 210-690-5300

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