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Muay Thai, Cross Training, Power Strength Conditioning, Brazilian jiu-jitsu,

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Seapeanong Thai Boxing gym, 7209 Lockport Pl Lorton, VA 22079 Map


M-F 5:30-9pm
Saturday 9:30am-2pm!schedulephoto/c66t


Single 15$
Month 90$


The classes have a friendly and motivating atmosphere to help you develop both physically and mentally. With Master Seum as your teacher, you will be using your eight limbs in no time! You will be learning different counter attacks, defensive techniques, combinations, Thai dance “Wai Kru” and many more. Our program here will also get you in shape in no time because of the amount of cardio you will preform. So don’t deny your eight limbs the attention it deserves come and join us at Seapeanong Thai Boxing! Safety is a top priority and proper control is emphasized during training.



Kru Seum
Co-owner, Head Trainer for beginner, intermediate, and fight team trainer at Seapeanong Thai Boxing.
Although Kru Seum wears his Tiger Yant on his back, he provides strength, power and fearlessness to his students at Seapeanong Thai Boxing! Born in Pakse, Laos in 1969 and moved to Thailand’s Ubon province (known as “Kham Noi”). Kru Seum started training Muay Thai at 11 years old at different Thai training camps and was referred to as “dĕk chāy thxng” aka “Golden Boy” during his fighting career with a record of 86+ fights, 16 losses and 0 KOs. He was ranked #5 contender in Northeast Thailand! After years of teaching and coaching fighters within northern Virginia, Kru Seum founded his own gym, Seapeanong Thai Boxing!

Emilio Gonzalez
Owner and founder, trainer and fight promoter of Seapeanong Thai Boxing. Emilio started practicing Muay Thai at Warrior Gym under Master Danny and Master Seum. During his training, Emilio made a decision to create a fight team and teamed up with Master Seum to create a group of able bodied fighters. With his thunderous kicks and seasoned boxing skills Emilio has also fought within the team and always assist fighters in training. Not only can Emilio assist you with training he can also assist you with body contouring!

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