Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts, BJJ, Kickboxing

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  • Martial art Mixed martial arts
  • Adult 15 usd.
  • Per month 150 usd.
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Selva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, 1725 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032, США Map


Monday 7:00-22:00
Tuesday 7:00-22:00
Wednesday 7:00-22:00
Thursday 7:00-22:00
Friday 7:00-22:00
Saturday 9:00-14:00
Sunday Closed


“In a nutshell, Selva BJJ is a very positive place for any child or adult to join I first came into Selva Mixed Martial Arts after being exposed to jiujitsu at CSULA. It was there I was told of the gym. After some contemplation and visiting other gyms, I decided to join Selva’s. For me, it was a good decision for several reasons. The staff and students are very respectful and make the process of learning the sport easier. There were many instances where I couldn’t get certain techniques, so the instructors took the little extra time needed to make sure I understood them. That little extra time impressed me because it showed they are student oriented. In addition, through the very rigorous training and sparing at Selva’s I lost 30 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. Mind you, the warm-ups are REALLY challenging, but I assure you for those who push through will not only find themselves in better shape, but also find themselves more confident”


Perfect club


+1 626-282-2012

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