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Shaolin Kung Fu Modern Wushu, 6515 Corporate Drive, Suite L2 Houston, TX 77036 Map

The International Shaolin Wushu Center is located in the center of Houston's Chinatown, one block North of Bellaire Boulevard in the Century Square Business Center.


From 16:30 to 19:30
From 9:00 to 18:00


Tuition & Fees:
$20 registration (includes t-shirt)
$60 for 5 classes (punch card)
$100 for 10 classes (punch card)

8-10 PM, Mon/Wed/Sat
June 1 - August 31

1 class per week $85 per month
2 classes per week $120 per month
3+ classes per week $150 per month

1 class per week with 6 months advanced payment $480 ($80 per month)


Welcome to the International Shaolin Wushu Center's webpage! Taught by Shi Xing Ying, we offer classes in Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Taichi, Sanshou (Kickboxing), Modern Wushu, and Lion Dance. With such a variety of different classes, surely there is one that matches your needs!



Master Shi Xing Ying is a 32nd disciple of China's famous Shaolin Temple. At age 6, he entered the Shaolin Temple to begin his Kung Fu training. By age 11, his masters recognized his abilities and accepted his as a full fledged Shaolin disciple giving him the Buddhist name, Shi Xing Ying. In 1994, he won the honorable title of "Shaolin Grand Champion" at the Shaolin International Festival in China and was selected to join the Shaolin Performance Team. The Shaolin Performance Team traveled overseas in order to promote Shaolin Kung Fu. Since then, Master Shi Xing Ying has settled down in Houston, Texas where he continues to teach and promote the art of Shaolin Kung Fu.


+1 (713) 272-0276

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