Shobu Aikido and Self Defense center


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Shobu Aikido and Self Defense center, 1320 Hawthorne St. Houston, TX 77006 Map


Monday to Thursdays
6:00 P.M. until 7:30 P.M.
General Class
Weapons Training
15 minutes prior to class Zen Meditation

Private classes are available to our students. Enjoy one on one training with a senior student.


Central to Aikido's philosophy is the concept of Shobu. Shobu means wisdom and wisdom comes from understanding, trusting, and seeing yourself clearly. Without this knowledge you will never be able to control others for your own protection or for the protection of those you love.

"Aikido has but ONE principle : The universal reality of life. In their own nature as living human beings all possess the basic secret of Aikido. The purpose of Aikido is to better people's lives, to make their spirit blossom and become strong and by making better people to make a better world"


Learn Aikido, a traditional japanese martial art, in the heart of Houston. Train in an original japanese dojo developing self defense techniques, self control, balance, and stay in shape with Shobu Aikido Houston.


Ana Arango Sensei Chief Instructor Fourth Dan
ASU Black Belts

Our black belts are great contributors to the success of our school and the advancement of our students.

Ephraim Fernandez
Karen Vargas

Angela V. A. Chaffin
Mauricio Quiroga
Robert Keith
Marcos Esparza
Adam Cook
Pamela Mencin
Peter Leitch
Dimitri Goncharov
Pierre A. Depret


+1 713-818-2306

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