The Academy Eden Prairie

Mixed martial arts, BJJ

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The Academy Eden Prairie, 7116 Shady Oak Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, США Map


Monday 7:00–20:30
Tuesday 7:00–20:30
Wednesday 7:00–20:30
Thursday 7:00–20:30
Friday 7:00–20:30
Saturday 9:00–12:00
Sunday 11:00–13:30


We use a blend of traditional and contemporary martial arts. Combining the traditional aspects of self discipline, focus, and determination with modern safe and effective training. Based in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu our program aims to have the best of both worlds. Our unique approach allows for anyone to develop at their own pace and reach there personal best at their own speed. Parents love our character development program. At The Academy Eden Prairie building moral character development, self-control, and instilling successful habits into your child though training is our number one goal. The training they receive in the process is entirely geared toward being able to physically protect themselves in multiple self-defense situations on the ground or the feet.


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+1 763-307-2006

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