Judo is another type of Martial Art that comes from Med evil Japan. It orientated from the traditional combat art Budo, which was employed by army recruits and widely thought across the country. With the arrival of capitalism and industrialization, the demand for Budo schools and instructors has substantially lowered causing thousands of local trainers and camps to vanish. Japanese traditions, including martial arts, customs and philosophies, were going through rough times. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, has helped the Japanese tradition to survive its downfall and is still remembered today as one of the founding fathers of modern Japan.

Today, Judo is included in Japanese schools’ curriculums. Soon, Judo and its descendant sports have been included in the official Olympic Game program, and its founder was asked to join the Olympic Game Committee. The rise of Judo let other Japanese martial arts that share the same principles thrive and expand outside of the island of Japan.

Training Principles

  • Each fight occurs on a rubber mat called “Tatami”. Modern Tatamis are made with rubber, while the traditional mats were made with rice straws. Tatami is considered a primary safety measure for practicing throwing techniques.
  • Randori wrestling technique is a proprietary method of training used by Judo fighters.
  • Tournaments – tournaments can be held by local committees and global associations. Each school uses tournament fights as training and sparring to perfect fighters’ ability to perform in real combat scenarios.
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